Sale of Ice Machines


Sale of Ice Machines

We are distributors and suppliers of Ice Cube Machinery , in perfect compliance with all health regulations, including the latest modifications of the EC Regulation of 10/2011 , and under warranty Of 2 years.

You can call us at 965 17 36 10 or contact us via the web to purchase one of the most secure and reliable ways to manufacture top quality ice cubes. We have a wide variety of machines, which will allow you to manufacture different sizes and forms of ice cubes (of 5, 48, 58, 70 or 80 gr).

, para adquirir una las maneras más segura y fiable de fabricar cubitos de hielo de máxima calidad. Contamos con una amplia variedad de máquinas, que le permitirán fabricar distintos tamaños y formas de hielo (cubitos de 5, 48, 58, 70 ó 80 gr).

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